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Golden Visa: Transforming Bali’s Investment Landscape

Have you read about GOLDEN VISA for investors in Bali?

Bali is ready to CHANGE the whole market!

Investing in Bali offers numerous benefits. The influx of capital can significantly improve the island’s infrastructure, enhancing the tourism experience. Additionally, the presence of investment funds and their associated families can spur economic growth and stability. This aligns with Uno’s vision of sustainable development, ensuring that Bali’s tourism sector flourishes over time.

Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, has unveiled innovative strategies to invigorate the country’s tourism sector. Speaking at the World Water Forum in Bali, Minister Uno emphasized the potential of the newly introduced Golden Visa to attract substantial investments from affluent family offices. This initiative aims to bring dual benefits:
1. providing Bali with crucial capital for infrastructure enhancements, and
2. allowing investors and their families to reside in Bali or other parts of Indonesia for up to 10 years.

Targeting family offices from Singapore, Malaysia, Monaco, London, Hong Kong, and Dubai, Minister Uno envisions long-term and sustainable investments in Bali and across Indonesia. He noted, “The length of stay is very long. Second, they bring in funding so the sustainability is more pronounced, and this fits very well with the Golden Visa concept.” His goal is to establish Bali as a hub for family offices, similar to Hong Kong and Singapore.

However, some tourism stakeholders in Bali see this as an opportunity to advocate for even more robust planning. Experts are calling for the creation of a Special Tourism Authority and the development of Bali as a Special Autonomous Region for Tourism. They emphasize the importance of ensuring that investment enhances rather than detracts from the island’s unique character and sustainability. Bagus Sudibya, Chairman of the Indonesian Agrotourism Association, supports a thoughtful approach to development, focusing on equitable spatial planning. He highlights the need to determine an ideal number of tourists and appropriate tourism facilities to maintain a balanced and sustainable tourism ecosystem in Bali.

In summary, Minister Uno’s promotion of the Golden Visa underscores the significant opportunities for economic growth and infrastructure development in Bali, while also highlighting the necessity of careful planning to ensure sustainable and beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.